XO 1700RS Professional Series Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - Rose Brass Bell - Silver Plated

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The XO 1700RS is a professional piccolo trumpet that arms you with a clear, brilliant sound and effortless playability. The 1700RS includes interchangeable Bb/A leadpipes for cornet and trumpet shanks for maximum versatility. Its 0.450-inch bore ensures a bright, direct tone that really cuts through. You'll appreciate the 1700RS's colorful sound, snappy response, and immediate tactile feedback, thanks to its four monel valves and 2-piece valve casing, and its third-valve slide throw ring facilitates easy adjustments. What's more, this horn's handcrafted, 1-piece rose brass bell yields a warm sound and undeniable sonic presence. Complete with a gleaming silver-plated finish, the XO 1700RS has all the right features to meet the demands of today's professional players.

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